Wear Vegan recommends Big Skinny Wallets . . . . Here's why:

Reason 1: Ergonomic extra thin wallets are better for your hips and spine, guys. 

Do you keep your wallet in your back pocket ever?  Did you know that a fat wallet in your back pocket can cause sciatica and hip displacement? 



Reason 2: The extra thin, non-leather nylon material used in the construction of most of their wallets. 

Most of their products are non-leather but they also produce some leather wallets. The leather wallets are very clearly labeled, though. So that's helpful.




Reason 3: Non-leather "RFID" options to protect you from identity thieves, and yet 
still skinny.

"RFID" stands for "radio-frequency identification". In other words, the strips and chips on your cards. An RFID-blocking wallet creates a faraday cage around your cards to deflect the signal thus protecting your cards from being scanned by identity thieves. 

Reason 4: Compact designs that keep you organized and functioning.  

Reason 5: Big Skinny "green" company policies.

Carbon neutral website; Materials; Office; Packing Materials.

Reason 6: Fun colors - always big on my list.




Reason 7: Affordability and a rewards club option.