Vegan Leather. Classic Styles. So exciting!




I am so excited by my Joy Susan discovery. Why? Just look at the bags! It's clear that Joy Susan is first and foremost a quality designer. This is a boutique accessory company with beautifully designed bags in fabulous classical styles that just happen to be made in vegan leather. It's exciting that great designers are choosing to go vegan. I'll bet that the majority of Joy Susan customers buy their bags for no reason other than they love the designs, and not because of what they are made of.

Two-in-One Bags 

I love the big bag look but how do you keep the contents secure and orderly? Joy Susan has come up with a really fun solution: a bag within a bag. A second smaller bag attaches on the inside and works like a big, center, pocket within the bag.

When you want to down-size for a quick trip to the store, the smaller bag is removable and can be used as a cross-body bag. And the matching coin purses are yet another bonus.



Check this out. I am so jazzed by the variety of colors and finishes this company has to offer. From bold, bright colors to neutrals, Joy Susan offers such a variety. The color array to the left shows all the color choices for their classic hobo bag and cross-body bag. The only problem is how to choose.

If you're sick of black, gray, and beige, but don't want a bright color either, Joy Susan has figured out how to take a variety of colors and turn them into neutrals. I love my light denim blue hobo bag for that reason. It has just enough color not to be boring, but not so much that it clashes with the rest of my wardrobe.

Cross Body Bags, Wristlets, and Totes

A size for everyone!