Finally, a vegan man's belt you can wear with a suit. 

In my meditation group, we recommend that people remove all leather products from their persons before sitting to meditate. Again and again, I've watched men remove their leather belts and set-aside their wallets before meditating. I searched for a decent vegan-leather man's belt for a long time - hoping to help the men in my meditation group find a leather alternative. What I found instead were canvas belts, belts made out of recycled rubber, 80 dollar plus vegan belts (really?) and plastic alternatives that looked cheap and unprofessional. I don't about you, but I do not want to wear any clothing into my workplace that I have to explain.


There are great designers creating products in vegan leather for women but I could not find a basic, acceptable vegan belt for a man. That is, until recently when I discovered Slidebelts. The company is named after the technological design of the buckle. This buckle does not have a prong and there are no holes in the belt itself. Instead, the buckle works like a ratchet. You slide the buckle along the belt to loosen or tighten it. There are no sizes; one size fits all.


Although their belts are not exclusively vegan, Slidebelts does have a respectable vegan collection for both men and women. They offer 6 vegan leather colors, 5 Canvas Colors, and up to 9 belt buckle finishes for men. The belts run around $40 - neither inexpensive nor outrageous. Slidebelts does offer a rewards program for purchases and promotions.




Choose your belt color. Choose your belt material. Choose your buckle finish.